Trackleaders services

Trackleaders provides SPOT tracking services that go beyond what the standard SPOT share page offers. We specialize in combining multiple SPOTs onto one map for group event tracking. We also track individual trips and provide long distance trail trackers.

Key advantages

  • No limit on history points - gone is the seven (or thirty) day limit on points
  • Combine SPOT units from any source (no need to be on the same account)
  • Route overlay - instead of a blank google map, our maps have route overlays and points of interest, fully customizable

Tracking software features

  • Full history data is saved and will always be available
  • Modern UI based on jQuery
  • Facebook integration - easily share and cheer for racers. Each racer gets their own facebook thread.
  • Automatic leaderboard (split chart) computations
  • Elevation plot, with participant positions displayed on plot
  • Race Flow - plot of route mile vs. time - unique way to visualize lead changes and race history
  • Racer category support - color by category, filter map to show only certain categories
  • Host of statistics such as: Current place, Last Update Rec'd, Current speed, Route mile, Route average speed, Route distance per day, Moving Time, Stopped Time, Moving Average Speed, Current Elevation
  • Speed plots - computed across route distance (if avail.) or SPOT (straight line) distance
  • Automatic leaderboard (split chart) computations
  • Full history data is saved and will always be available
  • Automatic tent icons for overnight stay (configurable minimum stopped time)
  • Race clock
  • Estimated time of arrival at each split check - know when your racers are going to arrive
  • Supports avatar images , one per SPOT
  • Ability to scratch/finish/remove/rename participants mid event
  • Event replay through special partnership with (see example above)
  • Integration with call-in audio (e.g. MTBCast)

See our Portfolio to see all of this in action.